How to Bill Insurance

While we do not contract with insurance companies, each Uhan Performance Physiotherapy visit is eligible for health insurance reimbursement.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Before your first visit, call your insurance company.

Call the toll-free number below for your insurance company. If possible, have on-hand your insurance card.

Ask the customer service agent, “How much will it cost me to see an Out-of-Network PT provider?”

The agent will then inform you of your:

  • Eligibility for PT treatment. The number of PT visits remaining in your plan.
  • Insurance deductible. The amount you will have to pay, entirely out of pocket, before insurance pays any. Ask the agent if there is a separate out-of-network deductible.
  • Co-pay or co-insurance. The flat rate or percentage rate (respectively) cost you will pay, after the deductible is met.
  • Other requirements. Some plans may require either a physician referral and/or a prior authorization (additional paperwork the insurance company needs before treatment begins).

Alternatively, you may log into your online insurance portal to glean this information, yourself. Since these details are often hidden and confusing, we recommend you call your insurance company and speak to an agent, instead.

Insurance Company Benefits Phone Contact Benefits Login Submit a Claim Forms


(888) 977-9299 Login Claim Form


(800) 878-4445 Login Claim Form

United Health Care

(877) 844-4999 Login Claim Form


(877) 605-3229 Login Claim Form

Regence BlueCross

(888) 675-6570 Login Claim Form

Once you know this information, you will know how much PT will cost, before you set foot in the door.

Note: Because most of today’s health insurance plans contain very high deductibles (51% of individuals have deductibles over $1000 - and families over $2500), it will take most clients 10-20 standard PT visits, paid 100% out-of-pocket, before insurance will pay any benefit. Because our goal is results in only 1-3 visits, the majority of Uhan Performance clients opt not to submit a claim to insurance -- or instead choose to use a Health Savings Account (HSA) (with easy-to-use credit card accounts) for treatment.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment!

Visit our site and schedule your first session. If there are any additional requirements for reimbursement (such as prior authorization paperwork), please let us know.

Step 3: Attend your visit & and feel better today!

Come to Uhan Performance, receive comprehensive, four-dimensional care, and pay at the end of each visit (cash, check, or credit card). Leave feeling better and empowered with a plan to relieve pain, improve mobility and strength, move efficiently and do more of what you love.

Step 4: Check your patient portal

Within 24-48 hours, your Superbill receipt -- an official document containing all the information from your physiotherapy visit that insurance companies require for reimbursement -- will be ready. It is located in your Patient Portal under "Payments". Print this form.

Step 5: Complete and print a Claim Form

Each company has a form to “Submit a Medical Claim”. Find your form below, fill it out, and print. Do not worry about completing every box. Just be sure the following information is contained:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • Your Member Identification Number and Group Number
  • The Superbill from your PT visit (attached with the Claim Form)

Submit these forms (either by mail or electronically) to the address listed on the Claim form.

Step 6: Get paid!

Like a mail-in rebate, your insurance company will send you a reimbursement check! Alternatively, if you still haven’t met your full deductible, the amount you paid for your PT visit will be applied toward the deductible.

To understand more on how insurance works, visit our Pricing & Payment page.

Why We Do It

Insurance companies were intended to help share and defray medical costs associated with unexpected treatments. Today, they represent an expensive middle-man in delivering and receiving medical care. Because they are for-profit corporations, it is in their best interest that you get less care and we receive less payment.

Uhan Performance chooses to go insurance-free to keep your costs down: our rates are equal to the discounts already negotiated by in-network providers. By doing so, we limit your expense, and make healthcare delivery effortless -- just you and and me, without restrictions, limitations and heavy cost-gouging by insurers.