Excellent service. I think your knowledge and perspective are unique. I chose your services above anyone that was local simply because of your approach to resolving issues. Your articles and exercises are nothing less than outstanding. I have recommended your services to others and constantly share your articles.

— Scott M.

I came in last winter because I was having weird nerve pain on the outside of my fibula when I ran and cycled. Not only did you address that quickly, but we also completely renovated my cycling, running and walking mechanics. The result was me consistently running and cycling more miles than I’d ever been able to log before...

Fast forward a bit to the end of summer–I was able to train for and compete in several 10k races without any return of pain. I gradually increased my weekly mileage over the fall and winter (up to 30 miles/week), and this weekend I ran my first half marathon with minimal pain.

This last year and half since I first visited you has been some of the most active months of my life and with the least pain in five or so years.

This is all to say thanks, Joe. After having spent so much time (not to mention money) with other PTs who never offered any real results, the time I spent was well worth it.

— Jordan R.

I have found the gait analysis to be extremely helpful. As a result of your analysis, I have had no hip flexor issues, no IT band issues, and have been able to become much more efficient in my running… One of the best things that you did was to show me what to look for in my own running. I can go to the track anytime now, record myself, play it in slow motion, and use the tools you gave me to analyze myself. As a new runner, that knowledge has a value that will pay back for as long as I run- which I expect to be for a very long time. Overall, I really appreciate the thorough analysis you gave.

— Sarah S.

To tell you the truth, I was desperate enough to pay the local university’s running clinic the equivalent of 9 pairs of top-shelf running shoes for an analysis. I am happy, though, I turned to you for advice, not only because your service comes at a fraction of the costs, but because I felt at a better place. What I mean is that I could not believe that a dozen infrared reflectors and high-speed cameras were necessary in the first instance to identify the pertinent flaws in my running. Nobody with any knowledge of running mechanics ever looked at me running, and I was pretty sure that my issues would be…well, if not obvious, but discernible to the keen eye. Your gait analysis plan offered repeated reevaluation – which I find important -, but that was not included in the uni-clinic’s plan. Plus, through your website and iRunFar.com I had an idea of who was analyzing my data before signing up to a plan.

I am more than happy with what I got. Any regrets? Sure. I went through three years of running with pain…why didn’t I come any earlier? Joe, thanks so much for your help.

— Nils K.

I came to Joe to remedy an injury that just wouldn't go away. I left with a healthy efficient form that ultimately ended with me running faster because it took less effort. Another amazing feature was the correspondence and updates available to make sure the adjustments I was making were indeed heading in the right direction. Adjusting to a new form can take a bit of trial and error, but the ability to update Joe with videos of my progress really helped to assure that the changes in technique were being properly executed. I have had gait analysis previously and was reluctant to try it again, but this by far exceeded the others. You can't compare the quality and professional feedback you get with Joe. Working with Joe has had a dramatic effect on my running and I am so grateful for his help.

— Patrik P.

I can't think of a better way to invest in one's running! Running is a big part of my life, and when I started having hamstring issues, it became unpleasant to run. After reading Joe's articles online I decided to use his Gait Analysis Service. The results have been fantastic. Joe addressed the issues in my running form and gave me the tools to fix them. As a result of the drills and exercises, my hamstring issue has subsided, and I've been able to increase my cadence and overall form.

— Gabe L.

I have never had very good running form, and for years have had the hip pain that comes with bad form. Over the years I have read many books and articles on the subject and all were helpful in their own way but form improvements were marginal at best. Within weeks if not days of getting Joe’s gait analysis feedback, I was able to put in practice many of Joe’s recommendations and noticed almost immediate positive results. Not all of the recommendations were that intuitive though, although very well detailed in Joes analysis, some require a fair amount of proprioception, and that sense is only something that can be developed over time; i.e. you have to “feel it” to “get it”, but Joe was very receptive (and very patient) to all my questions and provided me with fast insightful feedback regarding what cues to look for. I think it will still take a while before I can call myself an efficient runner, if ever, but since working with Joe, I have made significant progress in that regard; especially in my downhill running, which came in very handy for the 2015 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. I have had many running and training partners tell me that my gait has improved dramatically and it has been years since my hips have felt this strong! Thanks for all your help Joe!!

— Bernie D.

When I came to Joe for his gait analysis service, I was suffering badly from recurring injuries related to my IT band and calf cramping, which I had experienced for many years. The feedback and plan received from Joe was invaluable in helping me identify my weaknesses and gait issues that were contributing to my injuries. With his help, I was not only able to correct these problems, but my ultra running improved significantly. After a summer of training with improved form, I was able to complete my first 100 miler with no injury issues nagging me. Additionally, I was able to recover much faster from the race than I had historically after racing much shorter distances. I highly recommend Joe's gait analysis service to any runner that hopes to improve and become more resilient.

— Matt R.

Joe quickly identified a slight asymmetry in my gait that had led to persistent problems with my right IT band during and after races of 50+ miles. His advice on running form was spot on, and fairly easy to implement. A couple of weeks later the asymmetry in my stride had essentially disappeared and I've had no issues since (even after running three technical mountain 100-milers in the last year).

— James V.