The goal of Uhan Performance Physiotherapy is to experience results in only one to three visits. The key to this goal is our unique treatment process, outlined below:

Before Your Visit

We have developed a series of surveys to help focus the evaluation to your current needs. Please download our new client questionnaire and paperwork and have it completed prior to your visit, then e­mail the completed forms at your earliest convenience to [email protected]. This will allow him to begin to analyze your unique needs prior to the visit, which will make the most of your time together.

If you do not have the opportunity to complete the paperwork beforehand, please arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled evaluation to do so.


Uhan Performance is located at 5 East 24th Avenue in Eugene, Oregon. There is a small number of parking spots reserved on the east side of the building for clients.

Enter through the door on 24th Avenue and make yourself comfortable in the shared waiting room of our professional building. Please text Joe at (541) 577-5220 to let him know you have arrived.


In addition to required paperwork, please be prepared with:

  • Well­-fitting, comfortable, athletic clothing. This will allow for most thorough­-yet-comfortable clinical exam and (if applicable) athletic analysis.
  • Necessary personal items. This may include a water bottle, a snack (if need be) and or athletic footwear, or any other gear applicable to your needs.
  • Payment at time of service. Uhan Performance is a pay­-at-­time-­of-­service provider. Full payment is required at each visit.

New Client Evaluation & Planning

All new Uhan Performance clients will receive a comprehensive multidimensional evaluation, including:

  • History. Our bodies have long and detailed (physical and neurological) memories. A thorough discussion of medical history helps focus the treatment with respect to past and present injuries and issues.
  • Orthopedic examination. Mobility, neuromuscular integrity and motor control will be assessed throughout the system, not just the painful area.
  • Functional examination. How we use our bodies heavily influences our comfort and function. Strategies for posture and movement are assessed.

Using this multidimensional approach, a physical therapy diagnosis is made, outlining any relevant pathology, impairment, and limitations requiring treatment.

Plan of Care

The overall goal of Uhan Performance is to treat client dysfunction for less: less number of visits, less time (out of work and family, traveling to and from the clinic), and less money. The key to this goal ­­— but often glossed over due to conventional clinic time constraints — is a comprehensive plan of care. At Uhan Performance, at the conclusion of the initial visit, we will provide a written best estimate of what it will take to achieve your goals, including:

  • Recovery time. More than anything, injured tissue takes time to heal ­- not necessarily multiple clinic visits.
  • Number of treatment sessions. This is dependant a few factors, including necessary restorative manual therapy, strength development, and patient needs and learning styles.
  • Activity guidelines progression. Gradual resumption and progression of activity is important for healing tissue, as well as learning new movement patterns. Given the time to plan, this seldom requires frequent clinical visits, and can be done collaboratively and remotely.
  • Client needs and expectations. Uhan Performance will work with patients around their individual needs, include time, activity and financial constraints.

Armed with this information, the client can decide if the proposed plan of care meets his or her needs, and if and how to proceed.

For running clients: based on the outcome of the New Client Evaluation, running clients may choose the following options:

  • Physiotherapy treatment. Focused therapeutic treatment visits utilizing manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and recommendations to facilitate healing, recovery and functional optimization.
  • Running coaching consults. Those clients who do not require medical care for an active injury may choose to continue with coaching consults for running stride optimization and collaboration on training and racing goals.