Running Video Uploader: Free Stride Consultation.

Simply record your stride, upload the file below, and we'll be in touch. We will let you know if we see any relevant issues, and how Stride Coaching can help you Run Smarter, Run Longer, and run with less aches and pains, and more ease!

*Disclaimer: videos are uploaded and stored onto a private, third-party server. PLEASE do not submit any content containing sensitive medical information, or any other information or visuals that you do not want seen by Uhan Performance staff. Your video will NOT be shared publically at any time, and will be deleted from our servers in 30-days, should you not wish to pursue Running Analysis Service.


For video angle and shooting suggestions, click here. Simply run, record, and upload! Then, name your files with your name and the angle it was shot from (example:

Please upload and send your files one at a time. Do not "zip" them together.