How it Works

Our Remote video Running Analysis & Stride Coaching service is simple: Run, Record, & Upload!
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Using the video you record, Uhan Performance analyzes your stride to identify relevant issues and easy-to-implement strategies to help you run faster and farther! Each client receives a detailed Running Analysis & Stride Coaching Report.

Video Analysis

The report contains:

  • Your background information – running and injury history – and how it relates to your current stride issue
  • A “Stride Issues List” – concise outline of biomechanical deficits relevant to your running!
  • Corrective actions, including:
    • Range of motion exercises
    • Strength exercises
    • Running drills
    • Running cues and strategies
Exercise Example

Once we submit the report, you have one month to try the techniques, re-record your running stride, and submit those videos for subsequent analysis and feedback on performance. This is a continuous process over the course of a month that includes:

  • Unlimited Coaching:
    • Q&A, clarifying any elements of the Report
    • Stride adjustment and optimization
  • Unlimited Video Re-submission:
    • Record clips of the new-and-improved you for quick analysis and feedback!
  • The coaching period lasts one month from the day you receive your completed Report!

Getting Started!

Step 1. Background Information The more we know about you, the better we can tailor the Plan to your needs. Tell us more about you here.

Step 2. Performance Services Agreement Small Changes, Big Results. Doing something new can be difficult and make you sore! Learn more about the process: please read the agreement, sign and return.

Step 3. Run & Record! Recording a video for Running Analysis is as simple as you and a mobile phone:

CLOTHING: Well-fitted, color-contrasted clothing helps us – and you – see how you run!

  • Tights (or form-fitting clothes) are preferential for filming
  • Color-contrast: dark bottoms and a lighter, solid-color shirt, are preferred
  • Tuck-in the shirt to the shorts/pants, so the waist band is visible!

ANGLES: Running Analysis requires a side-to-side and front-and-back views. Tips for the highest-quality, most useful video clips:

  • The side view:
    • Static view. Camera must be a static (non-motion, non-panning) perpendicular view.
    • “Rule of Halves”. As a general rule, your body should take up no more than half (and no less than one-third) of the video screen.
      An example of a side profile video featuring a runner
    • Five to ten strides. An ideal video clip contains at least 5-10 total running steps. Back and forth. An easy way to save time is to run one direction (in and out of the frame), stop, turn around, and run back, while recording continuously. This gets both sides of the body in one clip.
    • An example of a quality side-view video can be seen here.
  • The rear view:
    • Start in front! You must start directly in front of the camera. Off-centered, angled front/rear views are unusable!
    • Run straight ahead. Begin running directly in front of the camera.
    • Run 30 steps, stop, turn around, run back (directly at the camera). Run at normal speed for 25-30m, then turnaround and run straight back at it.
    • For example, the camera could be in the middle of a track lane (or dead-center of a road), while you run away from the camera.
    • An example of a quality rear-view clip can be seen here.

STEP 4. Upload & Submit! Upload directly to me! We now have a simple, easy-to-use uploader on the Uhan Performance site. To access, click here.

STEP 5. Payment The fee for Running Analysis & Stride Coaching is $300. Accepted payments include direct bank transfer, check, cash, or Paypal*.

(*Note: Please do not select the “Paying for a good or a service?” box. This activates Purchase Protection, which deducts $12 from the fee. If you wish to have PayPal Purchase Protection, you must add $12 to the purchase price. Please note that Uhan Performance does not cash Running Analysis Payments until you have received your report, and full refunds are available, prior to the receipt of your report).

It’s that easy! Get started today to make your running feel better, faster, and more joyful!


Runners starting a race

Other Running Analysis & Stride Coaching Options

Once you’ve received your Running Analysis & Stride Coaching Report, let the fun and fast running begin! Runners who might be interested in additional services might consider:

  • Live Video-Conference Q&A One-on-one video conference with Joe Uhan, DPT, OCS, is available to interested clients for:

    • Discussion. Additional explanation and clarification
    • Demonstration. Exercises, drills and cues
    • Collaboration. Advice and planning for running progression

    The fee for video conferencing is $100 per session (up to 60 minutes).

  • Stride Coaching Plan Renewal Want to keep a good thing going? Additional months of Stride Coaching:

    • Re-submission of new (-and-improved) running videos
    • Ongoing feedback and Q&A
    • Additional mobility, strength and drill exercises

    The fee for renewal is $150 per month. This available at any time up to one year/twelve months after your initial Running Analysis (although a new report will not be generated, unless a full Analysis is requested.

  • Full-Time Endurance Coaching Service Ready to go all-in on taking your running to the next level? Consider Uhan Performance Full-Time Coaching!

    • Full Running Analysis – both stride mechanics and current fitness assessment
    • Long-term Running Goal-Race Planning: getting you from here to the next level!
    • Weekly Running plans: individualized and re-calibrated, weekly
    • Unlimited communication with your Uhan Performance Coach
    • Monthly phone or video collaborations
    • Ongoing focus on running stride optimization
    • “Asset Management & Protection” – taking care of your running, keeping you going for the Long Run!

    For Veteran Running Analysis Clients: new-coaching client start-up fee is waived! ($100 value)

    Interested in Full-Time Coaching? Contact us at [email protected]!

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