Uhan Performance has been performing in­-person running and walking gait analysis since 2009. It also offers a remote video gait analysis service for long-­distance clientele.

In Person Running Coach

In­-Person Running Analysis & Stride Coaching

Uhan Performance conducts in­-person running stride analysis based on a Physiotherapy Initial Evaluation. This includes a full clinical exam, video analysis and assessment.

Based on the outcome of the evaluation, Uhan Performance and the client may decide to:

  • Pursue formal Physiotherapy treatment (using manual therapy and therapeutic exercises) to treat any activity injury or dysfunction
  • Choose Running Coaching services for further running optimization (which may include mobility and strength exercises, running drills,and stride cues targeting the need area)

Remote Running Analysis & Stride Coaching

Remote Video Running Analysis & Stride Coaching

Our remote running analysis service is an interactive, collaborative online platform where the client records and submits video footage of his or her running stride for analysis. Through a detailed client background survey and question-­and-­answer data gathering ­­— on running history, current performance issue, and previous injury history —­­ Uhan Performance identifies the most relevant biomechanical factors related to his or her issue, then tailors a customized, individual Running Analysis & Stride Coaching Report containing:

  • A detailed summary of client background
  • A thorough but concise, easy­-to-­understand explanation of the biomechanical deficits — and how they relate to performance
  • Customized Stride Plan, including mobility and strength exercises, running drills,and stride cues targeting the need area

Once the Report has been submitted, the client has one month to:

  • Try the exercises, drills and cues
  • Collaborate with Uhan Performance (Q&A and clarification)
  • Re­record stride footage for re­-analysis and running stride optimization

The Remote Running Analysis & Stride Coaching has been overwhelmingly effective at helping runners make vital improvements to their stride efficiency: running easier, with less aches and pains, and, ultimately faster without the major expense of laboratory assessment.

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