Uhan Performance offers both full­-time electronic-­based coaching and in­-person consultative coaching consults.

Full Time Coach

Full­-Time Uhan Performance Coaching

This is a full­-time service involving structured planning, continuous communication monthly one-­on-­one meetings, and individualized, evolving training plans.

It also includes both initial and ongoing running biomechanical analysis and optimization.

More than anything, Uhan Performance Coaching clients receive 24­-Hour Roadside Assistance — troubleshooting and guidance, should any problems ­- injury, aches and pains, or other obstances ­- arise at any given time. Quickly addressing minor issues with running is the key to extinquishing small issues before they create major problems.

Are you an endurance runner interested in full-time coaching?

Running Coaching Consults

These in­-person meetings are for clients seeking more consultative help with running, including:

  • Running stride optimization. Evaluation and optimization of running stride (which may include mobility and strength exercises, running drills, and stride cues targeting the need area).
  • Planning and guidance. In-­person collaborative meetings at my office (and follow-­up e-mail Q&A) to help the client with training, racing, nutritional and other strategies.

The main difference between the full-­time and consult services is both pricing and depth. Consult services are more affordable, ala carte (based on what you need and when), but do not provide the precise, ongoing construct and adjustment, or the spur­of­the­moment, “24­-hour roadside assistance” of a full­time coaching relationship.

Plan Training Consult Race Plan & Strategy Running Stride Analysis Custom Training Plan Weekly Summary & Action Plan Included Monthly Meeting 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Location Time Cost

Full-Time Coaching

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Online, phone, video, in-person Unlimited $300/month

Coaching Consult

Yes Yes Yes No No N/A No In-person, video 60-minute session $80/visit

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