Uhan Performance Coaching: Benefits & What You Get

We specialize in providing multi-dimensional, skill-based and sustainable ultramarathon training, guidance and coaching. This includes, as a foundation of what we do, Running Stride Analysis & Coaching, which is a huge part of both running health, as well as performance.

The skill development components include:

  • Individualized development: accentuating your strengths, shoring your weaknesses and liabilities
  • Custom running stride strategies and cues to keep you going far and fast!
  • Uphill running (and hiking) and downhill running mechanics and strategies
  • Technical terrain running skills and strategies
  • Fueling (nutrition, hydration, electrolytes) training and event preparation
  • Gear selection
  • Event preparation: how to get you from where you are now, and where (philosophically, and physically) you want to be!

How the coaching relationship is structured:

  • Start-up Analysis: includes full background, current fitness, and future goals assessment, as well as a full Running Stride Analysis & Coaching (a $300 value). Start-up price is $1000 for the first three months.
  • Road Map Plan: Once we know where you are and where you want to go, we devise a long-term (usually 2-4 months) road map plan, which includes a flexible construct training plan, including a myriad of workouts (easy, long runs; race-pace running, higher-intensity strength running, as applicable)
  • Weekly Communication: Each week you keep a training log, and each week (Sunday/Monday) you e-mail me an update of what you did, how you felt, and a forecast on the upcoming week. Based on that feedback, I send out your weekly schedule, which is a flexible list of training goals, that you fit into your week. This back-and-forth is crucial in optimizing training and preparation with your life!
  • Monthly check-in meetings: Coach and client have monthly check-ins. With remote clients, this may include phone or video conference, to discuss progress, answer questions, game-plan for event preparation, and even perform real-time running stride analysis. Local (Eugene) clients meet once a month at Uhan Performance to do an in-person stride analysis and optimization, as well as game-plan any elements of training and racing.
  • "24-Hour Roadside Assistance": Our specialty is individual optimization and trouble-shooting. Problems invariably arise - be it with training, or with aches and pains. Uhan Performance coaches -- who are all licensed medical practitioners -- are available (darn-near) 24-7 to address any needs. When an injury pain surfaces, we do everything to stamp it out in 1-2 days, with whatever it takes! This is a service that literally no other ultramarathon coach ha the skill set to provide. Help is only an e-mail, call or text away!

Uhan Performance coaching is about developing new skills and abilities, and this learning process is variable. We never expect runners to be clients forever; instead, to learn skills and abilities to take your running to the next level. For some, that is only six months, for others, three years or more. But as runners know, sustainable, meaningful improvements take time, and we ask all new clients to commit to at least six months to this learning process.

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Uhan Performance (UP) Coaching is now accepting a small number of endurance running clients interested in full­-time coaching services. We specialize in marathon and ultramarathon training and racing, but also have experience with endurance events as short as 1500m.

Coaching Philosophy

Uhan Performance Coaching services provide a multidimensional approach to sustainable running, which includes:

  • Biomechanical efficiency training. Each coaching client receives a full running analysis service, including customized exercises, drills and cues for stride optimization. Monthly running stride check­-ups, a critical part of optimal running efficiency and performance, is included with full-­time coaching service.
  • Metabolic efficiency training. Emphasis is on truly aerobic fat metabolism, either measured or estimated, monitored via heart rate. Fat metabolism is also emphasized holistically, using my “Four Pillars of Aerobic Efficiency”. Metabolic efficiency is the foundation for long, strong, and fast running.
  • Periodization. Each season or race build­-up emphasizes different types of workouts — including periods higher volume and intensity designed to maximize preparation and performance, as well as bouts of full rest and recovery. Periodization is crucial to maximizing potential and sustainable running, and avoiding injury and burn-­out. “To everything, there’s a season!”
  • Structured but evolving, customized training plans. Each client is unique —­ as a runner and a person —­­ with a unique life within and outside running. Plans are structured to account for client history, current abilities and life demands, and future goals. Strengths are emphasized without exploitation; weaknesses are shored, without being ignored.
  • Fiduciary responsibility. Above all else, I always do what is (per my professional opinion) in the client’s best interests for healthy, sustainable running over the long-­term. Acting in the client’s best long­-term interest sometimes (but not always) means recommending something they don’t want to do. The future will never be mortgaged for instant gratification through “fun” or fast, undisciplined running.

More than anything, Uhan Performance Coaching serves as Asset Management & Protection. Clients value their running as an integral and priceless asset in their life for socializing, solitude, stress management, success ­— or all of the above. Uhan Performance helps balance the risk of the thrilling aspects of running ­­— including training and racing for marquee and epic endurance events ­­— while providing a maximum protection against aches and pains, injury, burnout ­­­— all things that put your running at risk.

As such, Uhan Performance only employs coaching staff with advanced credentials:

  • Coaching education & certification. UP Coaches all have coaching certifications through various national bodies, including USA Track & Field.
  • Licensed medical practitioners. UP Coaches are licensed physiotherapists who specialize in physical activity progression, biomechanical analysis and training, and injury prevention.
  • Elite performers. In addition to coaching and medical training, each UP Coach is, themselves, an elite performer who has first­hand experience with the training and racing preparation they recommend.

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Balancing the roles of coach, medical professional and athlete, Uhan Performance Coaching is a disciplined but valuable investment that will yield strong, sustainable, and successful running with minimal aches, pains, or lost-­time due to injury.