Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Uhan Performance Physiotherapy located?

We are located at 5 East 24th Avenue, on the corner of 24th and Willamette St, in South Eugene.

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Do I need a prescription from a doctor for a physical therapy evaluation?

No. Patients in Oregon who need physical therapy services can go directly to a physical therapist without having to wait to receive a prescription or referral from their physician. However, if clients wish to receive reimbursement from a healthcare insurance, some plans require a referral, or additional documentation. It is best to check with your insurer prior to your first visit.

How long are physical therapy treatment sessions?

Your first PT appointment, and all subsequent visits, are scheduled for one full hour. Physical therapy sessions last a full hour. The initial evaluation includes a thorough subjective history and a comprehensive physical and biomechanical exam, along with some initial hands-on treatment. Most importantly, each visit includes client-therapist collaboration on a plan of care: including a time-and-cost estimate that fits with each client's condition and capabilities.

Subsequent treatment sessions always begin with a brief subjective recap and re-evaluation, immediately followed by hands-on treatment, restorative exercise and biomechanical adjustment.

What do I need for my first session?

All Uhan Performance clients should:

  • arrive 5-10 minute early
  • dress in well-fitted athletic attire, to allow for a proper examination, biomechanical assessment, and/or manual therapy treatment
  • bring any relevant documentation (including Uhan Performance Physiotherapy intake form, any relevant medical records, and physician referral or prior authorization forms, if applicable)
  • bring payment (cash, credit card, or personal check)

Does Uhan Performance Physiotherapy accept insurance?

We are a pay-at-time-of-service, out-of-network physical therapy provider. While we provide reimbursable receipts for clients with health insurance, UPP does not directly bill to insurance. While we require payment at the time of your session, most patients are able to obtain reimbursement through their out-of-network insurance benefits. On an average, patients receive between 50-80% reimbursement once deductibles are met. Uhan Performance Physiotherapy provides Superbill receipt to all clients for this purpose.

Isn't it very expensive?

Most today's health insurance plans include a hefty deductible - often between $1000 to $5000 -- all of which must be paid by the client before insurance pays for anything.

For a client with a $1000 deductible, it takes nearly eighteen 30-minute physical therapy visits for a deductible to be met.

Not bound by insurance limitation, clients at Uhan Performance Physiotherapy get longer treatment times and more treatment - for less visits. Ultimately, the vast majority of clients save money.

Does Uhan Performance Physiotherapy accept Health Savings Account (HSA) payment?

Yes. Uhan Performance Physiotherapy is a registered medical provider, and accepts HSA debit cards. For those will Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs), Uhan Performance Physiotherapy provides Superbill receipts for client reimbursement.

How many visits per week/month will I need?

The typical physical therapy office often schedules 2-3 visits per week. This is often due to short treatment times (30-45 minutes) mandated by insurance companies,limiting the amount of treatment, as well as prescription and planning of care, that can occur.

Uhan Performance Physiotherapy provides 60-minute treatment sessions, allow for more treatment time, as well as collaborative planning. Uhan Performance Physiotherapy clients are typically seen only once per week, and one to four times per month — depending on condition, need and desires.

Overall cost - both monetary, and travel time to/from treatment - is significantly less.

Do you only treat runners?

While we treat a fair share of active people, Uhan Performance Physiotherapy treats a wide variety of orthopedic issues for patients of all ages...

Is Uhan Performance Physiotherapy a Medicare provider?

...However, due to federal regulations, Uhan Performance Physiotherapy cannot treat Medicare beneficiaries, even if they are willing to pay out-of-pocket.

How do I make an appointment?

Uhan Performance Physiotherapy uses a convenient online appointment scheduler.

Do I receive an appointment confirmation and/or reminder call?

Clients will receive an e-mail confirmation at the time of selecting an appointment, as well as a reminder e-mail message one day prior to the scheduled appointment.

How do I change or cancel an appointment?

Uhan Performance Physiotherapy has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Clients can log into the online appointment scheduler to change or cancel appointments if done with greater than 24-hour's notice. All appointments canceled with less than 24-hour's notice must e-mail to [email protected] or call (541) 577-5220, and are subject to a $25 cancellation fee, due at or prior to any subsequent visit. Last-minute cancels do not allow Uhan Performance Physiotherapy to fit other clients into those available times. Please give your best effort to make changes with the most possible notice.

The schedule has no openings when I need one. Is there any other availability?

Because Uhan Performance Physiotherapy offers several services, flex-time is built into the schedule to accommodate coaching and running analysis clientele. If you need a specific day and time, and/or have an urgent need for treatment, e-mail to [email protected] or call (541) 577-5220 to inquire about specific dates and times. We will do everything we can to work with your needs and schedule.