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Pricing & Payment

In most health insurance plans, physical therapy is considered a “speciality care service”. For primary care practitioners, insurance requires the client pay only a flat­-rate co-pay per visit (usally $10 to $50). Physical therapy is billed with treatment units based on time spent (usually 15­-minute blocks) for various activities (including manual therapy and exercise). Insurance companies then pay a percentage of the bill, with the patient responsible for the rest.

Utilizing hour­-long visits at a more modest rate, Uhan Performance Physiotherapy clients obtain more value — and multi-dimensional collaborative care­­ — with significantly less cost.

Your First Visit

The goal of Uhan Performance Physiotherapy is to experience results in only one to three visits.

Please download our new client questionnaire and paperwork and have it completed prior to your visit, then e­mail the completed forms at your earliest convenience.

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