Treatment Approach

At Uhan Performance Physiotherapy, our goal is to correct any dysfunction preventing you from what you want to do. This goes beyond simply pain-relief, but aims to sustainably correct the cause of the dysfunction.

Each time a client visits UPP, our goal is two-fold:

  1. What can we do today to make you feel better?
  2. What must we correct so that you stay better?

While most medical practices are focus on only short-term relief, our two-pronged approach gets people better and keeps them better.

Four-Dimensional Care

In addition to comprehensive, root-based treatment, UPP also provides multi-dimensional care to ensure full and sustained recovery. Orthopedic dysfunction requires address four areas:

  • Mobility

    Ensuring full and unrestricted motion of muscle, tendons, fascia and joints.

  • Strength & Stability

    Developing proper stability and strength around joints and body systems, required for efficient, pain-free function.

  • Efficiency

    Addressing how you move: coordinated, efficient motor control, optimizing movement to avoid painful, dysfunctional compensatory habits.

  • Pacing

    Developing a graded progression of activity to allow for full healing and progressive function - without over-doing it, and causing a set-back.

Most medical services only address one or two of these areas. But in order to achieve full recovery, all four of these areas must be addressed.

At each visit, UPP clients receive:

Therapist-driven For the client


Skilled hands-on manual therapy treatment: mobilization, manipulation techniques Mobility exercise plan


Manual facilitation techniques targeting muscle activation Specific strength exercise plan


Skilled, precision movement analysis and optimization Specific drills, cues and areas of focus to optimize posture, motor control performance


Collaborative planning to get you where you want to be Specific guidelines for gradual return to activity

In addition to healing, Uhan Performance Physio clients enhance efficiency and performance through more mobility, more strength and more efficiency. For a runner, this means faster performance, faster recovery and less aches and pains. For the rest of us, this means moving better, stronger, and more ease.

For more information on what conditions we treat, click here.